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ACO-Africa is always looking for dedicated volunteers to participate in any of our projects and activities. Do you have your own idea of how to improve the lives of Africa’s most vulnerable children and poor communities? Are you great with technology, an experienced fundraiser or interested in community development and many more? We welcome people who are enthusiastic, creative and want help change the lives of children and the poor in Africa! A little help goes a long way. Please contact us to learn more.

Internships or Volunteer placements

Internships in the non-profit world offer greater hands on experience in a field of your choice. ACO-Africa accepts numbers of interns on a rolling basis in the following fields:

  1. Community Development Volunteers: Community Development volunteers will work with orphans, elderly caretakers, HIV-positive children, women and other vulnerable groups. Our volunteers will conduct home and school based visits to meet the practical as well as psychosocial needs of our target groups.
  2. Prison Outreach volunteers: Our volunteers taking part in the prison outreach project and will be working with prisoners including juveniles and inmates. Volunteers will provide prisoners with counseling sessions on topics ranging from human rights, legal education, basic life skills and life in and after prison.

To apply for volunteering or an internship, please send your resume and a thoughtful cover letter to: or

​Accommodation options for volunteers

Accommodation: Volunteers will be provided with living facilities, accommodating 3-4 people per room.
Meals: All meals will be covered from breakfast (including milk tea, dry tea, bread, eggs) to lunch and supper every day. Most of our meals are vegetarian, including banana, cassava, potatoes (sweet and Irish), rice, corn, beans, peanut soup, peas, and vegetables. On occasion, we also provide fish, beef, and goat meat.
Bottled-water: All volunteers will be provided with bottled water for sanitary reasons.
Washing: Volunteers can do their own laundry by hand or a laundry service is available once a week.

How much does it cost to participate (one off fee/ regular contribution) on our projects?

Costs can vary depending on requirements. There are options which include free accommodation and food and others that require a monthly contribution. For more information please contact us.

Minimum Stay: 1 week, however longer periods of commitment are preferred.


Other Information

Training: Volunteers will receive training in doing the kind of fieldwork that interests them the most.

Transportation: All work-related transport will be covered, including pick-up from the airport.

Social events: Volunteers will not have to pay for participation in any social event organised by ACO Africa.

Safari Discount: Volunteers who would like to go on a safari during their stay in Uganda will receive a discount by their ACO Africa affiliation – Johnson’s Safari – where all profits will support ACO-Africa child and community development causes.

Travel arrangements: Volunteers are expected to fly from their own country to Entebbe airport (self-funded) in Uganda, where the director will provide a free pick up service and continue the organisation premises. The volunteers are expected to provide their flight details at least one month prior to departure. Volunteers are expected to organise their own visas in their country of residence before departure. He or she should visit a Ugandan embassy or consulate in their country to be guided on what to do and any other details.

Follow-up: Volunteers will be referred to a person they may contact for any questions or concerns.


Your donation, big or small, makes a huge difference to the lives of vulnerable families in rural Uganda. You will ensure that a vulnerable child has access to a safe home, sufficient food, educational opportunities and medical care. It can also help prevent children from ending up on the streets and being forced into sexual and physical abuse – a common occurrence.

You will help us:

  1. Advocate and advance the rights of children, women and other vulnerable groups.
  2. Improve and expand care and support for people and families affected by HIV and AIDS.
  3. Improve the living standards of individuals in the community using a human rights based approach.
  4. Contribute to the mitigation of the social and economic effects of human rights abuse and HIV/AIDS at individual, household and community levels by providing support to deprived communities, especially women and children.

​You contribution will make a huge difference in the life of a child who has no one to care for them and no possessions to call their own. With your support they will be given hope and the chance for a healthy, happy life. Thank you!

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